Richard1717 ‎ - 8 May 2011
Fantastic and reliable service - use every week for shirts and suits; brilliant service always.

lseymo ‎ - 28 Apr 2011
The level of customer service was outstanding and the staff went to extra effort to get a particularly tricky stain out of my dress. I would definitely recommend and will be going here again.

Richard ‎ - 23 Oct 2010
RF Great service, great price and reliable. There's not much more you could ask for from these guys - and the friendly service doesn't go un-noticed!

25 Sep 2010
Jonathan Good service. High quality. Dry cleaning my shirts here for 8 months. Good value for money. Highly recommended!

18 Sep 2010
Best Dry Cleaner in London Fabric care is simply the best Dry Cleaners in London. The service is fantastic, very friendly and price is great. KN

Jhan ‎ - 14 Sep 2010
Best Dry Cleaner in London I use Fabric Care every single week for shirts and suits and often for repairs. The quality of the service is high, the staff friendly. I wouldn't take my custom anywhere else. JR

rolyhamroll ‎ - 22 Aug 2010
Best dry cleaner in South London - fact! Service with a smile at Fabric Care. Sign up to become a member to get the best discounts and receive excellent service levels from all of the Fabric Care team. I will not use any other dry cleaners.

Damo ‎ - 8 Aug 2010
Top quality cleaning from top quality people Since moving to the area 7 years ago, my friends and I have been using Fabric Care every time we need suits, shirts and dresses cleaned or repaired. Numerous house moves later, we're still looked after by Kola and his team. I recommend their services without reservation. Full marks. D

Jackson ‎ - 8 Aug 2010
Exceptional service I've used Fabric Care for five years for all my dry cleaning needs and have to say the customer service levels are phenomenal. A combination of this and cost effectiveness ensures my business for the foreseeable future. I even get a Christmas card!

Besty ‎ - 8 Aug 2010
Quality Friendly, helpful and efficient service, not to mention well priced. I've been a customer for years and won't be changing this any time soon.

Gaby - 24 June 2010
Thanks so much, efficient as always. I don't know what I would do without your wonderful service.

Robin - 12 May 2010
Excellent service- just as described by other reviewers. Called them up on a Saturday and had my cleaning picked up on the same day. My urgently needed items were cleaned and brought back same day. In total, I gave them up to 60 different pieces including dry cleaning, shirts, duvets, pillows & bedding sheets-all sorts. After 30% Off for first customer, first order discount, I was charged around 200 for the lot; and my order was picked-up and delivered-free of charge. I'm totally pleased with the service and is highly recommended!